Shoulder brace

Provides compression & support to the shoulder. Therapeutic warmth for the shoulder & upper arm. Offers support & protection.

ASO Ankle brace

Durable & comfortable. Superior ankle stability. Patented stabilising straps ilock the heel". Helps treat injured ankles & helps prevent injury. Unique stabilising straps. Available in black and white.

Soft neck collar

Soft, foam covered with stockinette. Velcro closures posteriorly. Comfortable to wear. Available in five sizes.

Rigid adjustable collar

Semi rigid support for use with soft tissue damage, osteoarthritis & whiplash injuries. Height adjustable to provide desired flexion or extension. Vinyl covered foam padding for comfort & easy cleaning.

Sacro lumbar support

Provides support for lower back injuries. Maximum support to mid & lower back without restricting normal movement. Three flexible stays on the back provide extra support.

Light industrial back brace

Light breathable fabric. Extra stays provide back support. Compact size can be worn under clothing.

Serola sacro-iliac belt

Open cell urethane: breathable, comfortable, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. Holds fast and will not move at all. Elastic outer layers gives compression and resilience within the range of motion established by the non-elastic inner layer.

SIJ support

Features primary pelvic belt & two additional secondary straps which provide compression in any direction as determined by the therapist according to core muscle weakness/imbalance. Helps to support the pelvis while proper muscle function is being re-established.

Maternity belt

Helps with proper posture & relieves stress to the body by encouraging proper body position & movement. Soft pile bonded to foam.

Clavicle brace

Excellent aid for correcting poor posture & shoulder slump. Adjustable hook & loop closure facilitates proper fit.

Posture aid/Clavicle brace

Triangle configuration correctly distributes pressure tip of the shoulder. Suitable for adults & children. Adjustable hook & loop closure facilitates proper fit.

Elbow brace

Neoprene keeps the joint warm to improve healing. Silicone pad may be positioned to reduce muscle loading.Flexible plastic insert applies pressure evenly on the injured tissue around the elbow.

Lumbar support D-roll

Wide variety of uses, perfect for positioning. Made with high density quality foam and finished in a washable cover. Size: 31cm x 11cm.

Classic heel cups

TULI'S Double-Ribbed Classic Heel Cups provide 50% more protection than the pervious model and provides relief from the everyday pain of heel strike. Worn in shoes, TULI'S Classic Heel Cups will help prevent sore heels and knees, shin splints and heel spurs. They will also relieve arch, ankle, leg and back pain that results from everyday heel strike.

Easy Fit orthotics

The Problem:
Orthotic control of the foot can be difficult to achieve within many shoes. The interface between foot and shoe is important and must allow for freedom of natural movement. Failure to allow for this creates pressure points on the skin and discomfort for the patient.
The Concept:The TRIO Easy Fit features a lateral cut away design. This model retains the essential features for pronation control, including an optional biplanar rearfoot post. A medial forefoot post can be used to replace the 1st Metatarsal cushion if required. In this way, control is achieved without compromising natural movement and comfort.

Trio 3/4 length orthotics


Tubigrip provides tissue support in the treatment of strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, joints effusions, general odema, post-burn scarring and ribcage injuries and is also used for pressure dressings and arm fixation.
  • Provides support to joints and limbs
  • Clinically proven
  • Provides comfortable even pressure
  • Easy to apply and reapply
  • Reusable/washable
  • Tension guides to indicate size use for low-medium or medium-high pressure

Wrist wrap

Helps relieve pain through pressure on injured wrists. Adjustable hook & loop strap ensures comfortable fit & stablisation during activities. Provides firm support for weak or strained areas.

Baseball finger splint

Help stabilise the phalangeal joints in position. Malleable aluminium splint can be reshaped to hold fingers at an exact degree of flexion or extension. Provides firm support while injury heals.

Open finger splint

Malleable aluminium splint for immobilisation of finger. Protects & stabilises fractures of the distal finger joint.Encloses finger injuries & protects on 4 sides.

Finger splint

Lightweight aluminium protects injured finger. Ventilated foam padding. Folds over the end of finger to provide protection & stabilisation.

Curved Finger Splint

Lined & padded with soft, ventilated material. Curved finger splint support & protect dislocated fracture. Upward curve at the tip to protect the end of the finger.Lined & padded with soft, ventilated material.

Patella tracker support

Controls lateral tracking of the patella by exerting a medially directed force on the patella. Stabilising pad & straps help secure the patella in the proper position. The design of the stabilising pad ensures comfortable fit & provides even pressure on the patella.

Patella tendon strap

Extra pad provides compression on a target area. Non-slip backing keeps wrap from sliding out of position.Great for use after an injury or to help prevent recurrent injuries.