Kinesiology(Kinesio) Tapes-Kinesio tapes are rapidly becoming popular in rehabilitation and athletic circles. They are extremely elasticated tapes that are applied to the body to facilitate movement and enhance muscle activity, rather than providing a restrictive mechanical support to the body as is the aim with regular strapping tapes. Rocktape and Kinesio Tex Kinesiology tapes function in this way. They are different in their appearance too, with both ranges coming in bright colours and designs.

Sports tape

The highest grade tape available, combines excellent adhesion and maximum tensile strength to provide ultimate support to joints under stress. Cerated edge for easy hand tearing.

Elastic adhesive bandage

Metron EAB can be easily torn by hand and is of lightweight construction. PhysioBand EAB conforms well with all surfaces and is an effective overwrap for rigid Physiotape.

Elastoplast sport

  • Plaster-style bandage is indicated for general support and compression bandaging and over wrapping rigid sportstape
  • High quality 30% nylon and 70% cotton construction
  • Aggressive zinc oxide adhesive
  • Provide high strength and stability without excess bulk
  • Ideal for over wrapping rigid sports tape for compression and extra support

Coban tape

A self-adherent elastic wrap that functions like a tape, but sticks only to itself. Coban self-adherent wrap is a laminate of nonwoven material and elastic fibres placed lengthwise to provide elasticity.

Fixomull stretch underwrap

Fixomull is an aggressive adhering hypoallergenic underwrap.
  • Porous - allowing for the evaporation of perspiration
  • Polyacrylate adhesive mass - very well tolerated by the skin and alleviates skin trauma when taping regularly with Leukotape P

Dynamic tape

Dynamic Taping™ is a novel approach that uses a specially designed, highly elastic tape to contribute energy into the kinetic chain. Developed by a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, it is not designed to limit range like rigid tapes but rather to permit full range whilst still providing strong support where needed. The unique properties and four way stretch permit taping in a way not previously possible with rigid tapes, non wovens or Kinesio Tapes. The result is a tape that can contribute elastic potential energy to assist or resist, facilitate or inhibit and offload or deload soft tissues in addition to the normal proprioceptive, neurophysiological and circulatory effects of conventional tapes. The tape is extremely soft to touch and highly conformable. The adhesive has been independently tested and rated as non irritating, non sensitizing and non toxic. It is also applied in thin strips to enhance the skins ability to breathe. The material is breathable and allows water through to the skin but can be patted dry in seconds. All this combines to produce a well tolerated, long lasting tape that is quite possibly the most comfortable athletic tape on the market. www.posturepals.com.au

Elastolight light support crepe bandage

Elastolite is a medium weight, white cotton crepe bandage ideal for use on awkward contours of the body. It has excellent stretch and regain properties, allowing the patient free joint movement. Elastolite is a washable and reusable bandage with non-fraying edges, making it highly cost-effective.
  • Dressing retention & post-operative support