Have you tried reformer Pilates?

Have you heard about reformer pilates but are unsure about what it is and whether it is right for you?


In this video physiotherapist Kate demonstrates just a few of the ways the reformer can be utilised. Have a read below to see if reformer pilates could be the right fit for you!


Reformer pilates is a great way to exercise, whether you’re recovering from an injury or just looking for a fun way to stay active. The reformer machine is super versatile so it can be tailored to suit your individual needs whatever level you are, right the way from complete beginner to advanced athlete!


The reformer machine allows you to work in a non-weight bearing position (lying down) which makes it especially useful for people who find weight bearing activity difficult or painful due to conditions such as low back pain, osteoarthritis and rehabilitation post-surgery.


Our Kalamunda clinic runs small group reformer pilates classes of 3-5 people under the careful supervision of one of our physiotherapists or our exercise physiologist. Each participant runs through an individual program designed through consultation with one of our physios to ensure it is specific to you and your goals.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please leave us a message in the comment section below!


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