Mindbody- how Mead Physio exercise therapy is modernising its systems


Hello to every one of our exercise clients.
Whether you use the Pilates Reformer Studio or the Exercise Right & Rehab Studio, we are slowly moving towards a more client-centred booking system.
The new system from MINDBODY will allow each of our members to book their classes and pay for memberships online without having to come to the reception desk.

Our fantastic reception staff have been overwhelmed by the large number of clients of the Exercise Right & Rehab Studio and Reformer Studio making their way to the reception desk to pay for their visits. On this new system, you can do this from your own home or at our facility via a touchscreen computer.

How will it work?
To make this transition as easy for all our wonderful members and clients, you will receive an email from us confirming your name, email and a password that has been created for you. This will allow you access to your account that has all your details including your billing history. You can at any stage update your password on your account.

But I don’t know computers very well!
Don’t worry, you are not alone and we have our staff on-site to help you get used to this system. When you come in the first time, we will walk you through the login procedure. There will be instructions next to the sign in computer screen describing how to do this.

I am already a member, so will this change?
No, nothing will change as we have moved your details over onto this platform. If you have been using the Direct Debit system through Ezidebit, then your billing history will be available in your client profile in the Exercise Right& Rehab Mindbody site.

I have been paying as I go, so what happens next?
If you prefer to pay as you go, then there will be options to purchase class passes. These are a little more expensive than the membership prices and there is a used by date depending upon how many you purchase.

OK, so how do we start?

Step 1. Firstly you will receive an email from us confirming your contact email and a password to use

Step 2. Away from our studio you can login from your home computer. If you go to the website for Exercise Right & Rehab Mindbody or search ‚Äúclients.mindbodyonline‚ÄĚ and then search for Exercise Right & Rehab

Step 3. Using your email and the password that was emailed to you, enter these details in the Sign In box


Step 4. Booking a class. Under the class tab across the top,scroll down until you see the class that you would like to join. Click thebutton JOIN NOW. You then have an option to book a single class or to make thebooking a recurring class.

Step 5. The first time you login and book a class, you willneed to purchase either a membership or a series of class passes. The pricecomparison for each of these is here:


You can either purchase a MEMBERSHIP CONTACT under the contracts section of the ONLINE STORE,either

a.      Premium Membership: $78/week for 3x classes andunlimited access to the studio

b.      Standard Membership: $59/week for 2x classes andunlimited access to the studio

***Note that these membership contracts can be cancelled atany time with 2 weeks notice.

OR you can purchase CLASS PASSES, under the SERVICES sectionof the ONLINE STORE, and drop down box for Exercise Right Studio, and this willhave the class pass options.

Step. You will then be directed to a payment screen

And then asked to fill out your credit card details: