Our clinics will:

  • respect the rights and dignity of our patients
  • deliver respectful care
  • not discriminate against our patients on the basis of their age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual preference or health status
  • be particularly sensitive where a patient may be vulnerable such as for minors or those with mental health conditions
  • inform you of the qualifications of your treating physio
  • respect your right to see the physio of your choice
  • respect your decision to accept or decline a particular type of treatment
  • respect any decision to transfer to another physio or clinic
  • respect any request for a second opinion, to provide feedback or to make a complaint
  • provide you with general information about common conditions
  • respect your rights to have a third party in the consulting room

Patient responsibilities. For the best possible health outcomes:

  • the patient and clinical team need to share information openly
  • patients need to provide the clinical team with all relevant information about their health
  • patients need to treat clinic staff and other clients with respect
  • patients must observe clinic policies including our fee schedule and the use of our exercise equipment

Physio rights. Physios have the right to:

  • refuse to provide a service where there are reasonable grounds to do so
  • discontinue intervention when a patient has behaved in a threatening or violent manner or if there is a significant breakdown in the therapeutic relationship
  • protect their professional reputations

Feedback or complaints:
Our clinics actively seek our patient’s feedback or respect our patient’s right to make a complaint. Forms are available from the receptionists or via our website.

Thank you for supporting our clinics.