Advanced assessment, diagnosis and treatmenT

At Mead Physio Group (MPG), we constantly strive to deliver excellent, patient-centered and evidence-based therapy with world-class standards to help restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.

For over 20 years, we have provided high-quality healthcare services to the Perth Hills area, maintaining a strong focus on lifelong health, the local community, delivering quality services and continuing professional development and training among our team. Consequently, when you visit our clinic, we will provide you with an advanced assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of your condition.


Spinal Physio

Hands-on relief for a variety of acute and chronic spinal pain
With advanced diagnostic and treatment skills, our team of MPG Titled Musculoskeletal Physios provide evidence-based, sustainable solutions for treatment of the whole spine, from the head to the tailbone.

Spinal physiotherapy uses hands-on manual therapy and targeted exercise therapy to manage a wide variety of injuries and complex pains, including acute and chronic pain, back and spinal conditions, headaches, nerve damage, joint soreness, arthritis, osteoporosis, whiplash and work injuries.

Spinal manipulation and targeted spinal muscle exercises can greatly reduce your pain by stimulating your body's own inhibitory pain system and reducing associated spinal muscle spasms.

Sports & Exercise Physio

Specialising in injury prevention and rehabilitation
Mead Physio Group specialises in advanced sports injury care, delivered by physiotherapists who have completed a rigorous Master’s Program in Sports Physiotherapy. Our MPG Sports & Exercise Physio service caters to athletes at all levels, from junior and club sports to elite and professional competition.

Using a variety of specialised tests to accurately diagnose your condition, our team will collaborate with you to develop a tailored treatment plan. This plan will utilise proven treatment therapies, rehabilitation exercises, and injury prevention techniques to expedite your recovery and facilitate your safe return to sports activities.

Additionally, our Sports & Exercise Physios can assist with pre-op preparation and post-op recovery, such as care and rehabilitation after a joint reconstruction.

Women’s Physio

Supporting women through all stages of life
Managing the specific health needs of women across their lifespan is a rapidly growing specialty in physiotherapy. From adolescence through motherhood and into the later years, women often encounter conditions that require specific and targeted management. Conditions that our Mead Physios can assist with include incontinence, pelvic pain, pre- and post-operative education and recovery, pregnancy pain  and early motherhood discomfort.

We offer ongoing treatment management in a private and supportive environment. Our holistic approach to health care engages a range of services and expertise within our group as well as linking with other allied health professionals with whom we collaborate with in the wider community.

Junior Physio

Supporting children and teens through growth and injury
During periods of rapid growth, children and adolescents are especially vulnerable to injuries. At Mead Physio, our team of Sports & Exercise Physios specialise in treating injuries in young individuals, with a strong emphasis on understanding the specific demands of sports and their impact on developing bodies. With expertise in diagnosis, they excel at identifying the underlying causes of injuries and collaborate with patients and their families to provide suitable treatment and establish effective preventive measures.

Our physiotherapists can also arrange for advanced imaging or refer patients to a Sports Doctor when necessary.

A preferred provider of disability services in our local Perth Hills and surrounds community.

We are NDIS Registered!

Providing high-quality physiotherapy, exercise physiology, remedial massage and home rehabilitation services.



Our MPG physios employ only the most efficacious techniques and therapies with proven scientific benefits. With advanced training, skills, and clinical experience, below are the key specialised treatment services our Mead physios may implement to help relieve pain, restore movement and function and get you feeling better quicker:
Real Time Ultrasound
Real Time Ultrasound
Shock Wave Therapy
Shock Wave Therapy is a modern, non-invasive treatment that reduces tissue pain and lets you get on with life sooner. Also known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), Shock Wave Therapy involves delivering shock waves to specific areas of the body to help promote healing of various musculoskeletal conditions, including plantar fasciitis, tendon pain and sore muscles.

The shock waves used in ESWT are high-energy sound waves that are delivered to the affected area using a specialised device. These waves help stimulate the body's natural healing processes, increase blood flow to the injured area and reduce pain.

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Dry Needling
A modern and safe treatment, dry needling is designed to ease muscle pain by inserting fine needles into trigger points, relieving tight and sore muscles. Dry needling is often used within a patient’s broader recovery plan, alongside other physical therapy treatments.

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The GameReady ice machine is a modern device that combines the benefits of cold therapy with targeted compression to help reduce pain and swelling, accelerating your body's own healing process.

Say goodbye to traditional ice packs and hello to a more effective and convenient way to recover from post-workout soreness or injuries.
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In addition to our physical therapy services, we offer a variety of specialised programs for those with with special physical needs, medical conditions and acute or chronic injuries.

Work alongside our Exercise Right & Rehab accredited Exercise Physiologists through 1:1 consultations, rehab sessions and personalised exercise therapy programs.
Our specialised programs include:
Arthritis (GLA:D Program)
Osteoporosis (ONERO)
Type 2 Diabetes
Cardiac Health
Disability Services (NDIS)
Mental health
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Workers Compensation
Parkinson's Disease (PD FIGHT CLUB)


Together, our physio team holds over 75 years of clinical experience in both private and public healthcare systems, spanning across Australia and overseas. In addition to completing a four-year Physiotherapy degree, some have pursued further specialised training in Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Psychology, Clinical Pilates and Acupuncture.

When you visit one of our MPG physios, you'll embark on a patient-centered, research-backed treatment journey. Your physiotherapist will promptly act to minimise the severity of your pain and disability by protecting the injury and reducing inflammation in the area. Once inflammation and pain have subsided, gentle movement-based strategies, including stretching and strengthening, will be introduced to rehabilitate your injury and increase movement. As your pain eases and movement returns, the focus of your treatment will shift to restore your strength and agility.

Your MPG physiotherapist will collaborate with you to understand your daily, sporting or work needs and help you establish self-help, restorative and preventative strategies. We take a truly holistic approach to healthcare, and when necessary, your physio may refer you to other allied health professionals in the wider community to ensure you receive the best care possible.


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