How can physiotherapy assist with osteoporosis?

Physiotherapy forms an important component of the management of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Strategies may include:

- a physical activity or exercise program that safely loads the bones to help keep them strong

- exercises to optimise your posture or address postural changes

- balance training to minimise your risk of falls

- other strategies to manage pain associated with fractures

- education about bone health and self-management strategies

- and assisting in rehabilitation after a fracture is sustained.

There is a lot you can do to optimise your bone health and minimise fracture risk and our qualified team are here to help.

Dr Mitchell Forrest from our Exercise Right and Rehab studio in Kalamunda runs a purpose built facility for people with chronic medical conditions including osteoporosis. The tailored exercise program is conducted in small groups and is gentle and closely supervised.


If you would like to book an initial assessment give us a ring on 08 9293 1800 and our friendly reception staff will help you get started.


Do you have more questions about osteoporosis and osteopenia? This great resource from APA may have the answers