Private practice physiotherapy

After graduating university, Physiotherapists can work in a variety of environments including hospitals, private practice clinics, community-based rehabilitation centres, outpatient clinics, schools and workplaces. Within these environments there is also the opportunity to branch out and specialise in different fields such as junior physio, women’s physio, sports & exercise physio etc.

Benefits of working in private practice physiotherapy include:

  • Flex-time work schedules. Once established you can choose to work outside the traditional “9 to 5” world if it means a better work-life balance for you. Arrange your work to better suit your personal, family and social needs.
  • Foundation and building of a long-term future. Private practice will give you greater satisfaction as you meet different challenges and hone your business skills, whereas other situations restrict you to a standard physiotherapy routine with patients.
  • Benefit directly from your efforts. In private practice your remuneration is in accordance with the time you put in and results of your work. The harder you work to build a rapport with your clients and gain additional referrals, the more income you will earn.
  • Develop your own niche and business within the bigger organisation. Grow your knowledge in areas such as women’s health, sports physio, obesity management, urgent care etc.
  • Receive professional development opportunities to gain training and experience in additional skills that other clinics and hospitals cannot or choose not to handle. These include taping, dry needling, myofascial cupping and Pilates.
  • Working within a private physiotherapy practice is immensely fulfilling yet brings challenges that will assist your growth. As you advance on your journey you will find that you have many talents that you didn’t know about. You will continually acquire new business skills and face fresh challenges leaving little time to be bored.

When joining Mead Physio Group, you will experience each of these benefits alongside a great group of other dedicated and caring professionals who love making a difference in peoples lives.