What are the Benefits of Staying Hydrated?

Water is the most important and vital thing we put in our body’s to fuel us and to keep us alive. It also replenishes and regulates our body in response to any form of stress such as heat, cold and injury. That means staying hydrated throughout the course of the day is vital not only to your survival but for your fitness journey. Here are some benefits of staying hydrated.


Assist Weight Loss:

This can be a major benefit for those individuals who are struggling to keep weight off. By replacing any sugary drink that you consume everyday you can be removing hundreds to thousands of calories from your diet. Not only will you be removing a whole lot of added sugars and calories from your intake but you will be having more of what your body needs most.


Can help to avoid muscle fatigue and improve performance:

As you workout, your muscles generate large amounts of heat that your body needs to respond to. One response by our body is to sweat, which leads to an increase in water loss. The more water we lose the more our body will struggle to perform and will bring about decreased performances. If we are able to stay hydrated during the day and during exercise, the body can remain at its peak performance for longer durations. 


Regulates Body temperature:

Water is a great regulating of our body, and in particular of our body temperature. When we are too hot, our body uses water in sweat to cool down, thus without it we may be more at risk to heat stress.


Promotes Healthy Kidneys:

With proper hydration our kidneys can run at its full capacity and efficiency in filtering our harmful substances in our blood. Being properly hydrated will also decrease the risk of kidney stones and other infections caused by improper kidney function.


Improve Brain Functions:

Dehydration has been found to cause negative mood changes, concentration and memory. While also causing headaches and an overall sense of fatigue. Remaining hydrated throughout the day is integral to maintaining proper brain function.


Regulates Bowel Movements:

As previously mentioned water assists in filtering out bad substances from the blood. It also helps flush out your system and regulate bowel movements. Dehydration can cause constipation as the body extracts water from stools to maintain hydration. 


These are some of the benefits that water can provide for you during everyday life and for your fitness goals. It is also one of the easiest and the cheapest drink options available to you. Therefore it is a must in your fitness journey.