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reformer pilates STUDIO

A great workout for your spine & body

Who is it suitable for? Reformer Pilates is a safe and highly efficient work-out for people of all ages, including pregnant women and the elderly. Pilates has been used successfully in the rehabilitation of conditions such as: back & neck pain, headaches, post-operative strengthening, postural problems and injuries, as well as for people without pain wanting to get fit.

The equipment: Exercises are performed on the Reformer and the Trapeze Bed. Both pieces of equipment use various types of springs to provide resistance to movement which target deeper muscle groups, and builds coordinated strength in muscular units. This is in contrast to traditional weights programs which focus on isolated muscles.

What to expect: Your physiotherapist will assess your fitness level, then design and initially closely supervise an exercise program tailored to your specific needs. This exercise program will include movements to tone and lengthen your muscles within the limits of your comfort. We suggest that you wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing. Socks are worn when using the equipment. Once you are performing the exercises safely and correctly, you will be encouraged to use the equipment more independently.

Spinal Pain and Reformer Pilates: Many people suffer recurrent bouts of back
and spine pain. Scientific research has demonstrated that an exercise approach is an effective way of managing spinal pain. Mead Street Physios are APA Accredited Pilates Instructors who are expertly trained to understand your injury and pain and provide you with a safe and highly effective spinal exercise program.  Research has proven that Pilates reduces spinal pain by improving postural alignment and body awareness as well as improving muscle strength, length, and  control around the spine. These changes often lead to reduced spinal pain.

Reformer Pilates exercises performed under the guidance of Mead Physios attract rebates with some health funds

benefits of pilates

  • Improved balance, posture and body awareness
  • Increased muscle strength & length
  • Improved flexibility and joint mobility
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Firmer & flatter stomach muscles
  • Injury prevention
  • Overall body toning
  • Improved body composition


We provide a holistic approach to health

We have qualified and caring staff

We are experienced, reinvest heavily in education and training, and involve ourselves in community activities


We offer a full range of services

Our physios are equipped with advanced world-class skills to assist your recovery and provide preventative care


We are in 3 convenient locations

We are in Kalamunda, Forrestfield and High Wycombe. Book an appointment to any location online



Reformer Rehab:
Classes are supervised by one of our qualified instructors and are designed for clients participating for injury rehab and their own personalised reformer program. Participants will require completion of a studio induction.

Reformer Fitness:
Classes are a run as a set program by a qualified instructor.  These classes are designed for clients with higher levels of fitness wanting a serious workout for your whole body.
All participants will be required to complete a Health Waiver prior to their first class.

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Introductory offer
50% off = $12/class

($48 for 4 classes, must be used within 2 weeks)

Purchase introductory offer

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Our instructors

Lisa Heditch: B.App.Sc (Physio), APAM APA registered Physiotherapist
Zoe Jones: B.App.Sc (Physio), APAM APA registered Physiotherapist
Mitchell Forrest: Exercise Physiologist, B.Sc Exercise Physiology (Hons), PhD Candidate, AEP



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