What our physios do

Physiotherapy works by integrating evidence-based research with clinical experience. Jason, Andrew, Kathryn, Cameron and Martha are the Mead Physio Group's (MPG) current physios and all are registered with the Australian Physiotherapy Registration Board. 
In addition to completing a four-year Physiotherapy degree, some of our group have specialised training in Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Psychology, Clinical Pilates, and Acupuncture.  
Collectively, our physio team has over 75 years of clinical experience both in the private and public systems, throughout Australia as well as overseas. As a group we strongly reinvest in further education and partner key teaching institutions to train our physios of the future. This aspect of our business is strongly aligned with a key group directive of life-long learning and the delivery of excellence in physio care.
We are active in the local community where we sponsor and support a number of community groups. This desire reflects another key objective of our group, that is a strong commitment to community health.
At MPG, we are constantly striving to deliver excellent, patient-centred and evidence-based therapy with world-class standards. Consequently, when you visit us at one of our clinics, we will provide you with an advanced assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your
Our MPG physios employ only the most efficacious techniques and therapies which have proven scientific benefit.  In addition, they will consult closely with your doctor and/or specialist when required to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment and care.

What can I expect and what can I do?

If your injury is recent, your MPG physio will act promptly to minimise the severity of your pain and disability by protecting the injury and reducing inflammation in the area.  Once inflammation and pain have subsided your physio will introduce gentle movement-based strategies including stretching and strengthening aimed at rehabilitating your injury and increasing your movement. This may include gentle, safe and targeted exercises, or habit-forming position and movement strategies that can be done at home or work.
As your pain eases and your movement returns, the focus of your treatment may shift to address the restoration of your strength and agility. Your MPG physio will collaborate with you to understand your daily, sporting, or work needs and help you to establish self-help restorative and preventative strategies.
Some forms of physio in the management repertoire include:
  • mobilisation and manipulation
  • ultrasound
  • cold and heat therapy
  • massage
  • electrical stimulation
  • acupuncture
  • taping
  • stretching
  • strengthening and core stability exercises
  • Pilates
  • posture correction
  • traction
  • ergonomic management
If you are a new patient to our clinic, we will require you to fill out a form, which you will bring in with you on your first visit along with any written referrals or scans that are relevant to your condition.
Each physio appointment lasts at least half an hour to allow thorough assessment and treatment. You can expect that your MPG physio
will ask you questions related to your condition to gain an understanding of your discomfort and restrictions. Then your physio will perform a thorough physical examination appropriate to your condition.  Consequently, please consider wearing appropriate clothing to facilitate this process.  Gowns are available at our clinics to use. Our MPG patient charter ensures that at all times we will respect your rights. Your comfort and confidentiality will at all times be ensured. Following this, you can expect to receive a provisional diagnosis and a proposed management plan including the likely number of visits required to achieve this.
You can help yourself by acting promptly at the time of the injury to limit the extent and severity of the damage and facilitate the chance of a speedier recovery. Some tips to improving recovery times for injuries include:
  • immobilising the affected area by applying a support or splint
  • applying ice to the affected area to reduce inflammation
  • firmly compressing the site of injury
  • see your physio or doctor as soon as possible.

Why we are special

Mead Physio Group (MPG) commenced practice in Kalamunda almost 20 years ago. It now operates clinics in Kalamunda, Forrestfield and High Wycombe. MPG only employs physios who have a track record of excellence in patient care. 
Excellence: MPG physios have elite level Sports & Exercise experience including the treatment of athletes at Olympic, AFL, and Commonwealth Games events. A number of MPG physios have either completed or due to complete a Masters degree in the speciality areas of Sports & Exercise, Musculoskeletal, Psychology or Women's Health.
Learning: MPG encourages a commitment to lifelong learning within its group and the clinical application of advanced research-based best practice treatment. Partnering with Curtin University and other teaching institutions, MPG helps to facilitate the education of young physios and doctors, offering clinical placements for students at our clinics.
Community: Partnering with local community groups, MPG has developed lasting business and personal relationships. We are proud to be
associated with sporting and seniors groups, as well as the local shire. We have been a regular on talk back radio with Curtin FM, fielding questions from callers and offering direction and advice to best manage common community health concerns.