Sports & Exercise Physio

Prompt and efficient physio management will facilitate recovery from your sporting injury. Mead Physio Group offers advanced sports injury care in the form of Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy.   Physios that have completed the rigorous Masters Program in Sports Physiotherapy and have proven practical experience with elite athletes, are honoured with this title and are rightly considered world experts in this area.  Our MPG physios have Olympic, Commonwealth Games, and AFL experience. We proudly support the local community by sponsoring and servicing local sports and community groups.
Mead Physio Group provides Sports & Exercise Physio for all disciplines of sports and athletics from junior and club level through to elite and professional athletes.  MPG physios use a range of specific tests to accurately diagnose your condition.  Then, in consultation with you, they will treat your sports injury with proven modalities, rehabilitation routines, and injury prevention strategies, which will accelerate your recovery and subsequent return to sport.