Therapeutic exercise rehabilitation

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Therapeutic exercise is used to assist sporting and non-sporting populations recover and stay physically active. Exercise is a fundamental core feature of any injury management program and its efficacy has been shown repeatedly to not only aid injury recovery but to improve life expectancy and quality of living. Mead Physio understands the importance of meeting the individual needs of each patient by gaining an in-depth insight into their level of function they are aiming to achieve. Consequently, exercise is used as a vehicle to develop the necessary physical and cognitive capacity to achieve these outcomes. Mead Physio Group is committed to assisting all members of our community and in particular those special groups requiring expert exercise-based care including patients with diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, falls risk, injured workers, and childhood conditions.

Recovery from injury is critical to the successful return to normal physical activities. The scientific research has developed to such an extent that there are very clear messages about which strategies work and which ones don’t. Sports & Exercise Physios are experts at applying the most recent research to a structured recovery program. They understand normal movement patterns in humans and how best to achieve a gradual and safe recovery program. This approach is critical to prevent further re-injury and to address any underlying predisposing factors that might render a client more susceptible to future episodes. Furthermore, Mead’s Sports & Exercise Physios can communicate with other parties such as coaches, team managers, work places, insurers and medical professionals regarding appropriate timing of return to activities in order to successfully coordinate a return to a full active lifestyle.  

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