How do we manage pain?

Everyone gets pain at some point and depending upon the cause, there are often several treatment options. Musculoskeletal pain in which there is an injury to the muscles, bone or nerve tissue, can often be managed well by physios. Musculoskeletal Physios (MSKP) at Mead Physio have advanced training in diagnosing and treating this pain.

A contemporary view of pain management is one where a holistic, team-care arrangement is implemented with the physio assisting the doctors to implement safe, timely and effective treatment. Often patients just want to know where the pain is coming from and how best to manage it. Our extensive experience and advanced qualifications in this area, place our MSKP in the ideal position to assist you.

When it comes to diagnosing the source of pain, an excellent therapist assessment is critical. Unless the pain is directly related to an event and involves specific tissues such as ligaments, muscles or bones, most pain is difficult to define. Complicating the picture are assumptions about the source of pain based upon limited examination and imaging. Findings of tissue change on X-rays are often dismissed as arthritis. MRI scanning has allowed greater insight into tissue injury but cannot predict prognosis unless the patient’s ability to function is fully established. Mead physios have advanced assessment and treatment skills attained through postgraduate studies and many years of experience. Putting the many pieces of a patient’s pain puzzle together is what we do best.

The Mead Physio journey often starts for first time patients with acute pain. This is pain that may have started suddenly, often after an injury. Controlling this type of pain early is critical for allowing prompt healing movement.  Below are the key elements which our Mead physios employ to reduce pain distress:

- Manipulation

- Mobilisation

- Taping

- Ultrasound

- Massage

- Dry needling

Having advanced knowledge and experience allows our therapists to employ the most beneficial combination of treatment modalities to get you feeling better quicker.

‘Pain management’ is the first aspect in the complete health and fitness journey with Mead Physio Group. Part two of the journey is ‘Recovery and Rehabilitation,’ taken care of at our Exercise Right and Rehab Studio.


To start the journey with us, please call our physio rooms (9293 1800) or rehab studio (6500 1555).