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Spinal manipulation and targeted spinal muscle exercise


Mead Physio Group employs physios who are Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy members. This honour is bestowed upon those therapists who have successfully completed advanced university training in spinal manipulative therapy. In addition, they have world-class diagnostic and treatment skills to help manage:

Can physios manipulate my spine?

Yes!  In fact Titled Musculoskeletal Physios are world-leaders in managing spinal conditions with, amongst other modalities, spinal manipulation and targeted spinal muscle exercise.  Neck and back manipulation can greatly reduce your pain by stimulating your body's own inhibitory pain system and reducing associated spinal muscle spasm.

Why does spinal manipulation work?

Anyone who has had their back or neck manipulated can attest to the often sudden relief of pain that it often provides.  But how does spinal manipulation work? Although earlier theories focussed upon changes to the muscles and joints near the painful area, more recent research on the brain has highlighted the brain-body interaction. Simply put, the brain exerts a powerful influence on the body's tissues via its descending nerve pathways that influence the body's pain intensity. Therefore, the effect of the spinal manipulation is rapid relaxation of adjacent tense muscles or sore joints around the painful area.

Who can benefit from spinal manipulation?

Almost anyone can benefit from having their spine manipulated.  However, some aspects that are related directly and indirectly to your spinal condition may help determine whether you are more likely to react favourably to spinal manipulation. These include age, the location of the spinal pain, the type of injury, the patient's historical experience of spinal manipulation, and the patient's confidence in the physio.

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