Specialising in injury prevention and rehabilitation

Prompt and efficient physiotherapy to facilitate recovery from your sporting injury.

Mead Physio Group specialises in advanced sports injury care, delivered by Physiotherapists who have completed a rigorous Masters Program in Sports Physiotherapy. These skilled professionals who possess extensive practical experience working with elite athletes are honoured with this title and recognised as world leaders in their field.
At Mead Physio Group, our Sports & Exercise Physio services cater to athletes across all levels - from junior and club sports to elite and professional competitions. With backgrounds in Olympic, Commonwealth Games, and AFL, our MPG physios bring a wealth of expertise to the local community through sponsorships and services for sports and community groups.

Our MPG physios employ a variety of specialised tests to accurately diagnose your condition. Collaborating with you, they develop tailored treatment plans utilising proven modalities, rehabilitation exercises, and injury prevention techniques to expedite your recovery and facilitate your safe return to sports activities.

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Just as important as injury rehabilitation, is injury prevention and we can help you with both!

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