Exercises to keep you running

Exercises to keep you running


Coming out of winter and into beautiful spring weather there is no better time to get out in the fresh air. However, running can have a bad reputation when it comes to injuries, but it doesn’t have too!


Below are a few simple exercises to help keep you injury free.


Calf raises:

Protects against common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, shins splints and Achilles tendinopathy. Standing on one leg, raise up onto your tip toes. If this is too hard, complete standing on both feet. If this is too easy- add hold some weights.



Helps protects against sore backs by strengthening your glutes and your hamstrings

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Lift your bottom off the bed.

To make harder, lift your bottom up with one foot off the ground.


Hamstring curls:

Hamstring tears and hamstring tendinopathy

Lie on your front with a resistance band around your ankle. Bend one knee up towards your bottom


Resisted hip Abduction:

Your gluteal muscles (maximus, medius and minimus) are a very important group of muscles in running as they help keep your pelvis stable during the ‘flight stage’ of running. Strong gluteal muscles help protect against pesky injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome and runners knee aka patella femoral pain syndrome


Crab Walking:

This is a great exercise to work your gluts (glut mediusin particular.)

Have resistance band around your ankles in a squat position. Take steps sideways but keep your toes facing forward.


Single leg hopping:

Why: Helps co-ordination of your muscles and to increase running efficiency

Practice continuous hopping on one leg. Focus on your landing being as quite as possible and try to stay on the same area of the floor.



Happy running!