How to Maintain Fitness While Recovering From an Injury

If you have a sports injury, chances are you will need to take some time off to rest, recover, and regroup. But if you don’t want to stop all exercise, there are ways to maintain fitness while recovering from an injury. 

Maintaining Your Fitness Base

Athletes who are injured often worry about losing fitness during time away from training. Detraining or deconditioning is a fact of life when you stop exercise, but if you simply want to maintain a base of fitness, there are a few ways to stay active.

Studies have shown that you can maintain your fitness level even if you need to change or cut back on your exercise for several months. In order to do so, you need to exercise at about 70 per cent of your VO2 max at least once per week.

Before you do any exercise after an injury, it’s wise to get the approval and recommendations of your treating physician or therapist. Follow their recommendations for when you can resume exercise, how much, and what type of exercise is best.

Smart Ways to Confirm You’re Ready for Exercise Again After an Injury

Even if one body part or joint is immobilized, there’s usually no reason that you can’t find other ways to stay fit while rehabilitating by using the principles of cross-training. It may take some creativity and the flexibility to try new things, but most athletes find training through injury is possible and not terribly difficult. The key is to maintain the right attitude and remain active within your tolerance until your injury is healed. Here are some ways to continue working out while recovering from four common injuries.