The next level for your strength and agility

At Exercise Right and Rehab our team of university-qualified health professionals specialise in helping you take the next step in your recovery and strength.

Our classes which include Agility and Balance, Pilates Mat, Pilates Fitness and Strength for life, are ideal for those who want to take their recovery to the next level or for those who want to maintain their function for everyday life.

In our exercise classes we place a large focus on functional activities, thus you can get back to doing the things you love sooner. Each class is run by our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to ensure you’re performing the exercises with correct technique and that your exercise intensity is carried out at a safe level.

Therapeutic exercise is used to assist sporting and non-sporting populations recover and stay physically active. Exercise is a fundamental core feature of any injury management program and its efficacy has been shown repeatedly to not only aid injury recovery but to improve life expectancy and quality of living.

Our two types of Reformer Pilates classes offer a great whole-body workout. Suitable for those with injuries requiring gentle rehabilitation and those without injuries needing a high level of strengthening and fitness.

Exercises are performed on the Reformer and the Trapeze Bed. Both pieces of equipment use various types of springs to provide resistance to movement which target deeper muscle groups, and builds coordinated strength in muscular units. This is in contrast to traditional weights programs which focus on isolated muscles.

‘Fitness and Strength’ is the third aspect of the complete health and fitness journey with Mead Physio Group. Take a look at our previous blog posts covering stages one and two: ‘Pain management’ and ‘Recovery and Rehabilitation'.

To start the journey with us, please call our physio (9293 1800) or rehab studio (65001555).